Fullness is our natural state of being.

you are worthy of overflowing

through feeling your entire body from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head you can experience full, vibrant health not just forever but FIVE-ever

Don’t know where to get started? Have questions? Worries? Goals? Fears? Dreams?

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no one can heal you,

no one can save you

we are each responsible for ourselves,

for our own opening, for our own softening

and for our own rebirth  

I teach radical responsibility

Women - how is your menstrual cycle?

Our female bodies have a built-in barometer for our overall wellbeing and vitality, and it is our monthly cycle.

Learn how to understand your cycle, its signs and its flow so that you can live an easeful, joyful life.

fill up your cup, you deserve it

you are responsible for your fullness

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