I feel more alive and in love each day

I no longer live in fear of pain

Now I trust my body to heal always and in all ways

My healing journey

When I was a little girl I was told the same story that girls all over the world are told by society, “women are weak”. I heard this story from kids at school, from adults in my community and from movies, books and songs. I heard this lie so many times that I started to believe that it was true.

Because I believed that my female body was weak, I became very disconnected, only conscious of my body in moments of pain, discomfort and disease. I lived mostly in my head, telling myself stories that were not true and often getting strong headaches. My moods were sporadic, my energy was low and my mind was cloudy. My whole life I wanted so badly to find my purpose, trying to serve and help others constantly. Everything changed when I started to serve and help myself.

First, I started to focus on my breath, then my movement and then my biology. I became very aware of the fundamental truth that I am a woman. However, I felt far from feminine energy, it came only in fleeting moments, while my masculine energy was consistent and dominant in my old reality. I finally started to understand the power of my own energy to hurt me or to heal me. With each choice I make in each moment, I have an opportunity to be more true and real.

Through studying at Cyclical school (pictured above), reading books, hearing stories, absorbing podcasts and interviews and ABOVE ALL being an apprentice to my own body, I am experiencing fullness for the first time in my life… and let me tell you, its feels really, really good. And you can feel it too!

Our current collective feeds us so many lies about health, wellness and womanhood. I know now that women are strong. We have rhythm, we rise and we fall, and this is our strength. This is my power. As I become sovereign in my health and I embody my divine female anatomy I become full from my crown to my toes. I am full in my heels. I am full in my hips. I am full in my heart. I am full in my hands. I am full in my head.

I am forever full.

No … I am five-ever full!

Now I work with others who are ready to fill themselves up with life and love!

The way I do the dance, we all evolve


"Many teachers have their hearts in the right place but few are as intuitive, creative and unflappable and also know how to make connection as [Leila]."

- teaching observer

YOU can heal YOU

you can be full

I can heal ME

we can be full

I am here to support you in your remembering of your own divinity! I offer tools, resources, perspectives and encouragement on the journey of coming home to yourself.

As Ram Dass says, we are all just walking each other home.

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